App Name: Geared

Genre: Game

Price: $0.99

Geared is easily a game that can be compared to other games suck as, Unblock Me and Slice It, in regards to being one of the best simple puzzle games for the iPhone. Unlike Angry Birds and other puzzle games that require more action on your part, Geared is a game that can easily be played at a slow pace and whenever you want. With the main object being just to connect two or main gears with other gears of varying sizes, this game can keep you puzzled for hours!

The game brings enough of a challenge with over 200 levels, but it still has levels that even the worse people can complete after pondering it for a time being. If you ever get stuck on one particular level, you have the ability to skip the level and go ahead to any level you wish. This is a nice little detail that keeps me interested in the game, since usually if I get stuck in other puzzle games, I am more likely to put it down sooner. Although the game brings a high level of difficulty for those that really want a challenge, it also has plenty of simpler levels for those just looking for a quick puzzle game to play during short stints of down time. 

Ability to skip to any level
Perfect difficulty range

No background music
No GameCenter abilities

Overall Ranking: 6/10

Should you download it: I would suggest you get this app if you either really like puzzle games and are really looking for a challenge, or you have already beaten most other simple puzzle games like this one.
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